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Second Administrator Recruitment

Recruitment Status

After finishing the basic needs of this wikia, I think it's time for me to elect one more permanent admin as my right hand, since I also have several more actve wikia, and thus cannot be here all the time. For the time I was away, the second admin will take over my place and decide things on my behalf, based on the rules and guidelines we had.

The requirement for applying are listed below:

  • Minimum of 50 edits in total (daily average about 7-10 edits).
  • Have joined this wikia at least for a week.
  • Experienced on being Administrator or other Officers in any wikia.
  • Knows how to operate the admin dashboard.

NOTE: These conditions simply just to prove that you're active and dedicated to the wikia. If you don't have sufficient edit count, but can guarantee your dedication and your contribution in other animanga wikia, please state so. I'll take those into consideration

So, for those who seek for power, comes forward, and show me that you're worth to become an admin.

For those who apply, please also include these:

  • What will you do with new permanent Admin power?
  • Why do you want the Admin power, and why you worth that power?

The application period will be opened for one week, up to July 27, 2013. I will announce the elected admin on July 28, 2013. Please note if there is only one applicants, the election will be cancelled and will be re-opened next time.

Next, just for your information, we currently have three temporary admins that help me building the wikia. Their temporary admin rights will be revoked once the second admin is elected, and will be re-granted if neccessary. Here's the list of them:

Happy editing,
Ethrundr (Local Talkpage) 13:03, July 20, 2013 (UTC)
Chief Bureaucrat and Head Administrator of Kamisama Wikia.

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XGlass Reflection

You can treat this as an application, but I just want to say what I have in mind.

For me, I mainly use it for its access authority, to go somewhere normal user can not. For example: Theme designer, Common.js, Wikia.css, pages with sysop protected level (quite a lot on this wikia).

Since I have complete the current theme, and XGlass take care of Common.js and Wikia.css (I do suggest we have minimum number of pages with sysop protected level). So, I don't really need this power.


I'm applying for admin, I have the experience with other animanga wikis such as Shingeki no Kyojin Wiki, Shaman King: Flowers Wiki. My most notable skill as an admin is coding, e.g., css, js and HTML. Of course, in order to access css and js, I need MediaWiki which of course is admin protected. 

But here is my suggestion, using special contact, you can create user rights by specifying the abilities of the user right you wish to have created, for example, if you were want to create a user right known as "Technical Administrator" you could give the abilities below

"The right should have access to locked pages including template pages and media wiki"

Or say you were to want a "Theme Designer" you could give say...

"The right should have the ability to access the admin dashboard and all pages within the dashboard"

I hope I did a good job explaining.


Quick reply:

@IM: for most templates that is not really crucial, I;ve change the protection level into registered user only (the page move rights still admin-only though). But for those which involves page formatting and such, all stays as admin-only templates. I'll try this setting for around 1-2 weeks and if nothing bad happen, it'll stay as it is. But if there is any "accident" happen, I'll revert all back to admin-only.

@XGlass: I've just submitted the request for additional user rights group, for this wikia and for my other two wikis. I'll put the details if my request was approved.


Same requirements as the love live recruitment I see :D

I remember when I went for this. Huh, I don't really care for admin power if templates aren't admin only. This is fine.


appears out from nowhere*

nah, I will pass on this one.


After one full week of inspecting and evaluating each of applicant's contribution and trackrecords, I come up with this decision.

The second admin of this wikia will be XGlass Reflection. He has contribute a lot both after and before applying, and that's the main reason why I choose him. An admin must show dedicacy on growing the wikia even before having the power, while asking for power and after earn the power.

For XGlass Reflection, congratulation for your new power, and please make worth of it. Next, due to the importance needed, MyProjectAlicization temporary right will still remained, due to the Badge Project that haven't finished yet. All other applicants will granted by Chat Moderator rights, and all other temporary admins will got their power revoked.

Any future complaints or disagreement of this decision is welcomed between three-days grace time on my message wall. Later than three days, it'll be ignored. This thread is now closed.

Ethrundr (Local Talkpage) 16:03, July 28, 2013 (UTC)