For those who are waiting for the streaming in this wikia, I, as the one who responsible to those, deeply apologized for the extended delay.

My workload in RL has been multipled several folds recently, and I need to keep up with them, which makes me unable to go to the wiki. Just for your info, my wikia is not just this one, so there are bunch of other wiki that also suffer the same "loss".

For those who has keep this wiki barely alive while I'm not around, thanks a lot. I'll now start to work for the streaming, as well as assessing all other video, whether they still alive or not. If any of you find the dead videos, please report them with the media link here. I'll find for the replacement.

Unfortunately, I still need some more time for the screenshots, so both screenshots and episode pictures won't be updated until next week or so. Again, I apologize for the delay, especially for those who have been eagerly waiting and got disappointed. I don't want this to be happening either.

Ethrundr (Local Talkpage) 19:44, September 20, 2013 (UTC)
Chief Bureaucrat and Head Administrator of Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Wiki