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    13:16, July 14, 2013

    Here's the complete list of report statuses that we used here:

    No. Status Name Description
    1. Reported This status means that the vandal just being reported and not yet reviewed by any admins.
    2. Acknowledged This status means your report has been acknowledged by the admins, and currently being reviewed. No reason required for an admin to declare this status.
    3. Reviewed This status means your report has been reviewed, but the admins not yet decide whether the user is guilty or not. No reason required for an admin to declare this status.
    4. Not Guilty This status means the user you've reported has been reviewed and acknowledge for not being guilty for what he's done. However, his username will be under admin's surveillance and will immediately banned if any suspicious action detected. The reason of this action will be stated.
    5. Guilty This status means the user you've reported has been reviewed and declared for being guilty for what he's done. No reason required for an admin to declare this status, but an admin needs to declare for how long the user will be banned. There are nine sub-status for this one, ordered based on the severity level:
    • Warning Message Issued
    • First Warning Issued
    • Second Warning Issued
    • Third Warning Issued
    • Final Warning Issued
    • Trial (Warning) Ban Issued
    • Instant Ban
    • Fully Banned
    • Permanent Ban

    Also, any user reported that gains this status will have their name posted in the Guilty List forum thread.

    6. Revoked This status means the user previously has been declared as guilty, but his guilty status has been revoked due to some circumstances. The reason of this action will be stated.
    7. Dropped This status means the report has been dropped, usually because of the reporter's request. The reason of this action will be stated.

    Every admins who alter the "Report Status" of a report posted, will have to post their name next to the status. This just to make known, who is taking care of that report, and to simplify communication between other contributors and the admin who currently handles that report. For the wikia consistency and security matters, all of the process of reviewing and taking action for vandals will takes time at most 3x24 hours from the time your report is acknowledged by the Admins.

    Ethrundr (Local Talkpage) 13:14, July 14, 2013 (UTC)

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    • The requirements what a Drop Request need to fulfilled:

      1. The user who eligible to post request are:
        • The one who post the report
          (Only eligible within 5-days grace after the report is posted, and as long as an Admin haven't take any action towards it yet.)
        • Love Live! Wikia officers: Rollbackers, Moderators, Administrators and Bureaucrats
      2. The request must be submitted manually via Message Wall to Ethrundr, with the link to your previous report.
        Note: Any drop request posted outside of the Message Wall will be simply ignored.
      3. The request must also describe why the request should be dropped, and why the reported vandals is actually not guilty or not worthy to be reported as vandals.
      4. Leave your complete signature using four tildes.


      1. In order for the request is accepted, the request must fulfil all requirements that stated above within the reporting grace period.
        • After posting request, there will be another three-days grace period in order to allow user to complete the request to meet the requirements before being processed.
      2. Any order that unable to fulfil the requirement after the grace period expires will be ignored and deleted.
      3. DO NOT SPAM REQUESTS! Please post only once and wait patiently for the reply from the Admin. Posting multiple request will be considered as spam, and all request will be ignored. Moreover, the requester will also be classified as spammer and receive the appropriate action from the Admins.
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